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Free wiccan samples

By | 19.07.2020

Magic Chants Magic chants are usually just the words that you speak during a spell. Not all spells call for a chant, but speaking out the words of your intent can really add some power to your witchcraft spell. If you are using a spell that doesn't have a magic chant associated with it, you can always add your own words if you want. The words you use should reference what you are trying to accomplish, while being short and concise. A minute personal monologue isn't going to work.

Most chants rhyme, though it's not necessary. I like rhyming ones, and the ones I write tend to rhyme which is why most of the chants on this site are like that.

This page has a selection of good chants that can be used for various spells. Some of these chants are taken from specific spells here, and some have been written just as independent chants for you to use.

The idea is that you can use these chants within your own spells, not to just use these by themselves. Love Spell Chant This one is from the Star of Love spell, and though the words do reference a star, it could still be used in pretty much any type of spell. Change the word "star" to "flame", and it will fit any spell with a candle, for instance.

Star of love, burn so bright Aid me in my spell tonight Unite my true love to me As I will it, so mote it be. Sleep and Dream Chant Another one from a spell hereand can be used for any sort of sleep or dream magick.

Bring me quiet Bring me peace Ease my dreams Nightmares cease. Money Spell Chant Other than love, the need for money is a pretty popular reason for folks to be doing some magick. Here is a good all-purpose magic chant for money and prosperity: One coin here, one coin there Prosperity is everywhere I need some wealth, Financial health I just need my share Chant for Health Magic If you are doing some spellwork to help combat an illness or to just stay healthy, here are some words you could use: Bring health to my body Heal mind and soul too Strength and well-being Make it all new.

For a few longer, complete spells that are just spoken words, see what our new page of magic word spells has to offer. Leave the Magic Chants page and return to the main witchcraft spells page. Custom Search. Spell Crafter's Compendium Correspondences for spells and rituals.

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Cayman Jack Marshall Speaker Sweepstakes. Pair of Crocs for Healthcare Workers for Free. Packet of Flower Seeds for Free. One click free samples.I have no money so I cannot afford any of this stuff.

free wiccan samples

Or do I have to purchase them? Also Is there a way to get a free wiccan bible mailed to me or do I have to find a free wiccan bible download?

Free witchcraft supplies: Nine tools of the craft that are totally (or nearly) free

I am a very new beginner in wicca and I have wanted to do what is always been apart of me. I would always push it to the side cause I could never afford any of the things I needed. I am on a fix income with a disabled vetran husband. I want to be able to learn and do spells. I would like to receive some wiccan starter kits and supplies.

I will appreciate what ever comes my way. Starting from scratch after an abusive relationship…. Please help!! Please help me on this. Blessed be. For years I have truly wanted to learn about wicca and stuff but i have never known how to truly start out. I am just starting out and on a very tight budget does anyone know where you can get free wiccan supplies books, herbs, resins, bark, etc. But I suggest using herbs and stuff from the kitchen. Go out into nature almost anything can be used in magick.

Lisa hazen my name is Anthony Arbuckle i tried to find you on facebook and couldnt find it! I am new to this but have been interested for a long time long story short I would love your help.

Hi i am in need of a mentor. There are many questions and discussion needed. I have tried to study for years like in my teens.

My home burned down in a wild fire along with everything from my craft. Try to imagine a blueish white light growing all around you,And try meditation for minutes. I would love to receive some free Wiccan kits and supplies.

We Practiced Magic With A Real Witch

A lot of my items turned up missing when I moved. Thank you for putting this together. This is absolutely amazing. I am on a very limited income and have interest in wicca for many years I feel its time to start learning. Van U help. I am just starting out if any one has any thing that can help me be a good wiccan I no that since I was a little girl I was special and I have so much energy flowing to me some one pleace send blessings my way.Free Wicca spells aren't really all that different from basic witchcraft spells.

The term "Wiccan" refers to a specific religion that has its roots in ancient pre-Christian Paganism, and the practice of witchcraft is part of that religion. But both Wiccans and non-Wiccans can cast spells and practice witchcraft, so there really isn't any need to look for "free Wicca spells" since any witchcraft spell will be the same thing.

So now that you've found some spells, what exactly are you after? Do you need some Wiccan love spells? They are certainly the most popular, but by no means the only kinds of free Wiccan spells available to you. We have some specific Wiccan protection spells too. As I mentioned above, there isn't much need to distinguish between witchcraft or Wiccan spells since they are the same thing.

The difference lies in the person casting them. You can be a witch without following the Wiccan religion. As with many Pagan things, it's a misunderstood religion and I suggest to anyone who wants to know about witchcraft to read up on it even if you won't care to become Wiccan yourself. Some spells are pretty easy and may not require too many supplies, but if you plan on performing any of the more advanced spells, you may need to have a place to buy Wiccan supplies. It's not like you can buy dragon's blood at Walmart, now can you?

Our collection of free Wicca spells is loaded with powerful witchcraft magick. Copyrightfree-witchcraft-spells.Here are nine easy ways to stock your altar without even touching your wallet:.

Paper has endless magickal uses. Filling a Book of Shadows, recording affirmations, automatic writing, and drafting sigils are just a few examples. Every time you mark an empty page, you are performing a magickal act—the creation of something from nothing. Store-bought paper is inexpensive, but re-purposed paper is free!

Try saving scrap paper at home or collecting paper waste from local businesses. If regular printer paper doesn't seem magickal enough, you could try tea-staining it for a rustic parchment effect.

Salt is an age-old ingredient for rituals of blessing and protection. A pinch of salt is an ingredient in many traditional charms against evil. Salt and water make a cleansing wash for ritual tools and sacred space. Salt is excellent for grounding yourself quickly. And the list goes on and on. Water is a sacred resource that most of us are fortunate enough to take for granted.

If you have a running tap, you have access to a tool for scrying, cleansing, healing, devotional practices, and more. But even garden-variety stones can be helpful magickal partners. They embody the energy of Earth—patient, protective, and steadfast. Try using blessed stones for circle-casting or setting up wards around your property.

Flat rocks can be painted and charged as talismans. Ordinary rocks are also an empath's best friend. Hold the stone between your hands while visualizing the unwanted energy flowing outward. Then put the stone back on the ground to mellow out. One of the best steps you can take to increase your magickal knowledge is to read.

Independent bookstores and public libraries sometimes have a discard box where they offer damaged and out-of-date books for free. If you have friends who are also interested in witchcraft or Wicca, you might consider organizing a book swap to make the most of your book collections.

free wiccan samples

No book exchange near you? Many ancient texts and older books on witchcraft are available online for free.

97 Free Trap Vox & Chants Samples – 3 Packs + Bonus

Signing up for free trials with an e-book service is another way to score witchy reads at no cost. Learn to identify different woods and their unique energies to add another layer of correspondence to your spellwork.

Gathering fallen twigs and branches outdoors is a moving meditation—one that will also feed your cauldron or brazier. City-dwelling Witches can often pick up wood curbside, especially after storms. Believe it or not hehstring is one of the oldest magickal tools in the world. Magick using tied string was first recorded in Babylon and Assyria over years ago. Knot magick is simple, discreet, and very powerful. You probably have all the supplies you need for knot magick in your kitchen, garage, or junk drawer.

String is especially useful for binding spells and love spells. Tying the knots seals the spell, while cutting or untying them releases it. The number of knots and color of the string can be chosen according to the need. A chant or visualization helps to weave the spell while the knots are put in place.

Some Witches use special ritual cords for knot magick.Post a Comment. Home About Us. Free Pagan Supplies Saturday, September 24, I have finally put together a kit, as I mentioned a few months ago.

free wiccan samples

I had intended to do this sooner, but life kept getting in the way - okay, honestly, lazy kept getting in the way. So finally, I present to you, free pagan supplies! Everything is hand-made by me and completely safe for use. The kit includes a bamboo pendulum, mint bath salts homemade for weight loss, lily of the valley bath salts homemademy own special, earthen mixture and much more.

Take advantage of this; I will probably never give away another kit quite this big. Depending on demand I may give away other items though and different sized kits. Interested in other free pagan supplies? Try these on for size. Faerie tarot cards.

free wiccan samples

Lover's Embrace potion from Leigh's Wiccan Boutique. This is good for love magic and adding a little spice to your existing love life. Remember, always practice love spells safely!

A pack of 12 gems good for Reiki or other energy absorption. Fair warning: I'm trying to get these and I have a ton of credits. Or maybe I'm just trying to psych you out so I can win them easier. Edit: This is a very old post and this particular kit is long gone. Please do not send me addresses in the comment section; you shouldn't be posting those things online in public anyway. I keep removing them to try and protect your anonymity.

If you are still looking for more free kits or Wiccan supplies, look around the site I've linked above. There are many stores offering free supplies there.

Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Disclaimer Though spells may be offered to help you optimize your life or even heal injuries or lose weight, this site is not meant to treat or diagnose any illnesses. Nothing stated within this site is approved by the FDA unless otherwise stated. Blogger Templates by Splashy Templates.A Wiccan of 25 years, Sage likes to put her background as a writer and teacher to use by helping people learn about this NeoPagan path.

Are you looking to learn about the religion of Wicca? Well, you have certainly come to the right place. Please have a seat and join me in a cup of mint tea doesn't it smell wonderful? Let's talk. In the many years -- well, decades now -- that I have been Wiccan, the seekers like yourself just keep flowing in.

At first the internet and the explosion of Wicca books on bookstore shelves was a boon-- and then it got to the point at which the bad, poorly written information outweighed the good. There are schools, some good and some bad, but why should you be charged to learn about your own religion?

FREE: A Book Of Shadows Spells, Wicca, Wiccan, Witchcraft

I've been writing on Hubpages for about three years at this point, and I've written quite a number of articles on Wicca, mostly aimed at helping the Beginner. Some of them are for people who know absolutely nothing about Wicca whatsoever, and others are for people who may have been self-studies for a while and read a few books but are still learning about how to put it all into practice.

When you're learning about a new religion, particularly one you plan to practice, it's important to cover the basics.

Wicca is a bit foreign to most people because it's completely different from the more prevalent Abrahamic religions. There are a lot of different words and concepts that are important to grasp, and once you do you may need guidance to help you find your way on your new path. The articles below will help you start your new path on the right foot, but first allow me to announce:.

If these are the kinds of thoughts you're having-- you might want to consider that you're in the wrong place here. Wicca is a religion, first and foremost. Ethics are pretty much the heart of a religion, and a religious person's world view. They are important to learn and consider.

Wicca is an interesting religion in that we don't really have our own Gods -- we worship Gods of other, older religions. Wiccans worship Pagan Gods, but we have various perspectives on the nature of the divine as well. New Wiccans are encouraged to begin learning about and observing the Sabbats, as these special days have a great deal of meaning in Wicca. You'll find everything from the meaning of the holidays and their history to great recipes and decorations you can use in your celebration.

Wicca is a ceremonial religion. We value ritual. The tools, the symbols, the gestures and actions-- they all have meaning behind them that help tap the subconscious and promote a spiritual consciousness. We use these things to keep in a state of mind conducive to worshiping our Gods and connecting to the web of life. Are you a teen interested in Wicca? Welcome, young one!

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